Real Estate Market during COVID-19

Dated: April 14 2020

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Three facts and our conclusion from COVID-19 and the real estate market

Market Activity:

Our real estate market still is seeing a number of new listings and daily sales happening. Although these numbers are not on par with pre-virus numbers, pricing seems to be stable for now.


There are additional disclosures in place, especially regarding the travel history of the potential buyer/seller for the last 14 days. Once a property is identified, more research like drive-by, virtual tours, online neighborhood search should be undertaken before scheduling a showing. Once a showing has been set, protective gear like gloves need to be worn at all times and instructions from the REALTOR® need to be strictly followed.

Tenant's Rights:

The province has strengthened the rights of tenants during this pandemic, which now, more than ever has to be taken into consideration when thinking about selling a home.

In the end, the market is still moving and all essential services including lawyers, notaries, the land title registry etc. are still operating.

Your personal situation should now be analyzed more carefully in detail by a professional real estate agent of your choice and we are gladly available.

We live were we work and love helping our neighbours through these difficult times.

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